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XYZ is a private university serving students since late 1990s. Recently, they faced a decline in the number of admissions. They approached Vinculum seeking advice on whether they should launch a diploma program in engineering.


Our diagnosis implied a two-pronged resolution

  • Make two brands, each with clear positioning
    • High-end brand: Differentiate on product quality, features and installation service
    • Value-for-money brand: Offer limited-feature product at competitive prices
  • Reduce costs, especially marketing overheads
  • Focus efforts on marketing to the institutional segment
  • Shift extra resources to corporate function with part-time involvement

The project lasted over one and a half month. We started with a diagnosis for the slow growth witnessed by the client. Client seemed to have an unclear brand positioning, with a lack of focus on either quality or low costs. However, the competitors had a clearer brand positioning. We then interviewed dealers and corporate customers to come up with specific recommendations.

  • Industry reports.
  • University expertís informed viewpoints.

Our analysis and initial recommendations were well received by the client. Four secondary resources have indicated that the company has been able to strengthen its position in the market.