Operational Effectiveness > Developing KRAs And KSIs For The Top Management In A 5-Star Hotel Chain


Client operates a chain of 5-star hotels in Rajasthan. It wanted to develop a mechanism through which the roles and responsibilities of the team could be clearly identified and tracked periodically.


After understanding the promoterís vision, we defined the direction of the organization. Then each departmental headís KRA was developed with the following

  • Key Result Areas were identified that summed up to the organizations direction.
  • Key Performance Indicators were identified along with a reporting mechanism for them
  • Targets for each KPI were set.
  • Weightage for each KPI was assigned based on its importance in the current quarter.

The project was run over two months. We conducted a workshop with the Promoter and GM to articulate a strategic direction for the hotel. We also developed reporting mechanisms and Performance Indicators after looking at the data and interdepartmental coordination.

  • Clientís organizational structure.
  • Interviews with key client personnel.

Client implemented the KRA with each department head knowing clearly what they were supposed to do and how they would be transparently appraised at the end of the year.